Incorporated in 1987, Canatal International Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogue Holdings Ltd, and is a member of a worldwide group of companies dedicated to the research, design, manufacture and application of precision air conditioning systems, building automation and environmental engineering.

Canatal has drawn on this international base of experience in developing its exceptional precision air conditioning systems, uninterruptible power supply system. Extensive and ongoing research and development has resulted in the market's most advanced and dependable products, designed to accomplish the company's mission of providing a worry-free environment for 'Mission-critical' applications.

Canatal produces a wide range of uninterruptible power supply and precision air conditioning product which protects a standalone server to a file server farm inside an internet data center.

Canatal's modern manufacturing and product development facility is located in Canada's leading high technology manufacturing area near Toronto, Ontario. Innovation is the heart and soul of the company's product development laboratory, where engineers incorporate new ideas while building on past customer experience. From the engineers who design the products, to the shipper who sends the products to its final destination, all our employees are focused and committed to the success of our customers.

Canatal is an ISO-9001 registered company, therefore quality and continuous improvement is assured. Each Canatal system undergoes complete functionality testing before leaving the plant, guaranteeing optimum performance even under the most demanding conditions and all Canatal products comply with various regulations worldwide.

The outstanding reliability incorporated in all Canatal products has resulted in the extensive use of its uninterruptible power supply systems by leading companies and organizations throughout the world. These include Telecommunication OEM's and service providers; Information Technology OEM's; Financial Services; Government; Aviation; Broadcast; Health Sciences; Utilities and various industrial corporations.